Frequent Questions and answers about our Teeth whitening service location program

FQ&A Frequent Questions

and Answers



About our Teeth whitening service location program



Q: what are the program options for the business owner to choose


A: We have 2 programs for you to choose from.



                Program 1: You Serve It !!


You will buy or rent the machines along with the required med.

We will train you on how to perform a teeth whitening professionally.

And We will Certify you. With this program, you will keep all the money.




                Program 2: We Serve It !!


Our nearby clients in your area, that choose your location for their next teeth whitening session will be serviced in your location.

Our teeth whitening technician will come to the appointment with all the

needed items to perform the teeth whitening.

You will be getting a commission check for 15% of the total charge for each

Appointment at the end of every month.



Q: How much does it cost to buy the spa & salon machines?

 A: $1200 for the machine.



Q: How much is to buy the extra light for the teeth

     whitening machine?

 A: $250.



Q: How much is to rent the teeth whitening machine?

 A: $199/month



Q: Is there a way to waive the rental fee for the teeth whitening    


A: yes. If business buys 25 Osmo 5 patient kits every 3 month

the rental fee will be waived.



Q: What do i need beside the machine?

A: Osmo Five Patient kit.

Cheek re-tractors

Cotton rolls



Q: How long is each session?

A: it could be between 12-20 minutes depending on the patient’s teeth health.



Q: What do I need to get Certified.

A: Intensive training over the machine and the med.



Q: Does the customer have to sign any paperwork prior  to

      performing the teeth whitening?

A: YES, We don’t perform teeth whitening unless we have a signed waiver

from the Client.



Q: what happens to my money if I don’t get approved for the service location?

 A: you can keep the machine and perform service for your clients without you being listed over teethwhiteingcenters.com location.



Q: What if a client wants to cancel the appointment?

A: all appointments will be 100% refunded if  cancellation is before

24 hours or more from the appointment time. If the cancellation

happens within the 24 hours prior to the appointment, then a 50%

refund amount will be paid back to the client, and the other 50%

will be the cancellation fee.

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